WNC Prostate Support Group, Us Too, meets on the First Tuesday of the Month 6:30 PM at the First Baptist Church. We are currently having hybrid meetings, either in person or via Zoom.

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 4, Dr. Eric Kuehn of Mountain Radiation Oncology will speak.
When we do not have a speaker we will have a "sharing" meeting for personal updates and to address any questions.

This support group is and led by volunteers and open to the public. All men, family members, partners and supporters are welcome to attend no matter their current situation with prostate cancer. There is no fee to attend and all personal information is kept confidential.

We will have a doorman/greeter at the south-facing door. Email Eric below if you have any additional questions or the Zoom link.
We do not meet in July

Meetings and events include open discussions, speakers, and notices about community
events pertinent to prostate cancer.

September is #ProstateCancerAwarenessMonth. Empower yourself with knowledge on #prostatecancer testing, treatment, and management of side effects. Learn more and get support at www.zerocancer.org

Contact : Eric Naimark
Email : WNCProstate@gmail.com
Phone :828-419-4565

First Baptist Church of Asheville 
5 Oak Street 
Asheville 28801

Men, caregivers and family members welcome.  
No fee to attend. 
Facilitated by volunteers & patients.

Upcoming schedule:

June 4, 2024
Dr. Eric Kuehn
Mountain Radiation Oncology

July 2, 2024

August 6, 2024
Sharing Meeting

Check back for updates

Who We Are…

The intent of our support group is to offer a platform for those with prostate issues (prostate cancer, BPH, etc.) to connect, share their experiences, and point out resources to help them navigate their treatment journey. The support group is not a substitute for medical advice but aims to inform and provide a network for patients. The group features member roundtables, where patients share their experiences, and hosts speakers who discuss various topics related to prostate treatment and management. 
Our Group offers a spectrum of information on prevention and treatment. We provide a forum where you can get your questions addressed in one place by men that have lived through the experience and are familiar with resources in the area. Prostate cancer is very personal. Our goal is to make you more aware of your options before you begin a treatment that has serious side effects that were not properly explained. Impotence, incontinence, and a high rate of recurrence are very common side effects and may be for life. Men who are newly diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PCa) are often overwhelmed by the frightening magnitude of their condition. Networking with our members will help identify what options are best suited for your life style.  
Things to consider when you are initially diagnosed:
  • Unless it is an aggressive form and has metastasized, there is time to make a decision, don’t rush into a treatment that will affect the rest of your life.
  • Be your own case manager.  There is a lot of good online info to help ask valid questions and make an informed decision about treatment.
  • Second opinions are a good idea, particularly if you are uncomfortable with the first.
  • If you are having difficulty reaching your doctor and their office, don’t expect that to change.
  • Be aware of potential side effects of each type of treatment.
  • There are excellent tools to assess extent and aggressiveness in addition to PSA, including blood tests like PHI and 4Kscore, and scans like PET PSMA and 3T MRI (pelvic and whole body). Don’t be afraid to request their use before biopsies and treatment.
  • Strongly recommend MRI guided targeted biopsies.
  • Consider what is most important to you when choosing a treatment option: removing cancer completely, expected quality of life after treatment, length of treatment, location of treatment center, etc.

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Past Community Events

Prior speakers at Support Group meetings include

Jon Stokes

Pharmaceutical rep for Abbott Labs will discuss exercise programs, products & the ZERO Prostate Cancer programs.

Dr. James Hall

Local psychologist will speak regarding dealing with prostate issues.

Dr. Edward Reilly

Fairview Chiropractic

Dr. Michael Burris

Asheville Urological Associates 

Jeffrey Whitridge

Clinical Nutritionist at Mission Health

MD of Asheville Integrative Medicine

Websites to visit

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